About Us

Founded in 2010, Aurge Technologies has grown to become one of Pakistan’s leading providers of IT services and solutions. Aurge Technologies specializes exclusively in IT security. In an increasingly hostile world, securing an organization’s information is paramount for running any business.

Aurge Technologies’ team of IT security professionals bring over a decade of excellence in IT security consulting. Drawing on our vast experience, our consultants design custom-tailored approaches to meet the needs of our clients. Our methodology ensures that there is a cross-sector thrust that keeps the structure of the engagement in perspective, while allowing for specific activities to be designed and deployed. Our approach ensures that each section of the project is thorough and leverages lessons learnt from best case practices from our vast portfolio. A robust monitoring and evaluation framework ensures that we deliver on our promise and provide value through our work.

Aurge Technologies strives to develop software and hardware that is embedded with the latest technology. Our Research and Development Department is constantly developing new innovative ways to improve technology within IT industry.

We constantly improve our processes and level of expertise which enables us to provide cutting-edge & latest-in-technology solutions. We aspire to becoming an ultimate solution provider. We are committed to our clients and dedicated to their success. Contact us today to know how we can be helpful to you and your business.